Joining Teacher Search

            Registering with Teacher Search

            Our Services will Always be Free for teachers

            All Teacher Search features are free for teachers. Schools are never charged daily recruitment agency or consultant fees so you are booked more often.


            Registration Is Simple


            Simply enter your Email Address, the State you are Registered in, your Teacher Registration ID (if you have one), and your Phone Number.  We will match the teacher details with your local Teachers Registration provider.

            There is additional information on how to locate your Registration Identification Number in Step 3.

            Step 1: Login to our website at

            Step 2: Click on Teacher Sign-up

            Step 3: Fill in the required information, if you have a registration ID, check the “Are you a teacher?” box.  Once you have supplied your information click the Register Button.

            Need help with your Registration ID? You can retrieve this from these links

            NT = TRBNT Number

            QLD = Qld College of Teachers

            SA = TRBSA Number

            Tas = TRBTas Number

            Vic = VIT Number

            WA= TRBWA Number

            The Following States Do Not Offer Online Registration Information

            ACT =TQI ACT

            NSW = BOSTES

            Step 4: Once you have registered you will receive the following message;

            Check your email to receive the directions to set your password.

            Step 5: Set your password


            Step 6: Login with your new password and you are all set

            We will keep you logged in on your device or computer so you don’t need to keep entering your details. You can log out at any time if you are using a public computer.


            Updated: 13 Mar 2017 09:32 AM
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